Used Jeep Engines for Sale

Used Jeep Engines for Sale | Jeep Engines UsedChrysler picked up where AMC fell short and made the Jeep a worldwide competitor. The early days of WWII era Jeeps helped bring Jeep into the forefront, but it was not until the 1970s that the American pubic first took a serious look at what Jeep could do. The CJ models like the Golden Eagle and the Super Jeep were instrumental in introducing Jeep to the automotive buying public. This reputation continued throughout the 1980s until the Chrysler purchase of AMC. You will find used Jeep engines for sale in our inventory of Jeep engines. Why pay more when you can get our engines cheaper?

There are several variations to Jeep engines. There are the initial AMC engines that are getting harder to find in OEM condition. These include engines like the 2.5L Iron Duke or the larger 4.2L. We have a supply of these original CJ engines that are ready to ship fast. The J engines that were used in Jeep trucks in the late 1980s and early 1990s can still be found and we have these in stock too. These engines were used before the PowerTech series was developed in 1999. Regardless of what decade of engine that you need, you can find it right in our warehouse for a price that will make you happy.

Used Jeep Engines for Sale

You will find only Jeep engines here in used condition. We do not deal with remanufactured, rebuilt or reconditioned engines of any kind. We have nothing against engines like these. We are happy with the quality that we are selling and there is no need to rebuild our used engines. Our success comes in part from our buying team. These professionals have turned our business completely around by knowing where to find engines of the highest OEM quality. Customers appreciate that we do not sell rusted engines or those that come with aftermarket parts installed. Much of what you can find on the Internet these days is not in the same condition as our engines.

We buy only from professionals. This means that we specialize in purchasing from distributors that warranty what is sold, have a toll free number and give us the standard trade discounts. We use all of what is given to us to price our Jeep engines, AMC engines and PowerTech versions for sale. All of this is backed up with our engine warranty that is applicable to the majority of engines we have for sale. One thing that you will find when you inquire about how much our engines sell for is the fact that we ship free of charge. We takeaway that cost of shipping to lower our engine prices even more.

Used Jeep Engines for Sale Quotes

Don’t wait for an engine specialist here at to show you our price tags. Use the online system of quotes that we offer. It’s really fast and will never waste your engine buying time. We do a lot of business with salvage and junk dealers as well as mechanics. Regardless of where you are in the U.S., we’ll get you a great price for the Jeep engine you need. Call us toll freeĀ for immediate assistance.




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